March 7, 2011

Know Your Element!

So, I did a research on Elements, and I got this for you. Let's find out your element. Mine's Water. Kay, enjoy!

Chinese Astrologer believes that every human's characteristic has connection to the 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. What's yours?


People who belong to Fire element have a high level of leadership ability. They're attractive and easy-going, a bubbly type of person, simply, happy-go-lucky. They hate loneliness and love to be the center of attention. A risk-taker and an adventurer.

On my perception, people with fire element love to keep themselves outdoor and hang out, make friends, rather than staying at home. They love exploring the world and have big questions about the world. Brave and gallant.


Far different from Fire, people who belong to Earth element are simple and filled with logic. Highly ambitious and stable (example: their mood doesn't change as the weather.) Have a big responsibility, reliable. They're a good planner and administrators. Simple way of describing Earth personality is 'Slow but Sure'.

On my perception, earth people tend to be silent. They don't talk much, they act slow, but they'll show a great result from their work. People tend to misjudge them just by looking at their slow personality and impressed at the end by the result of their work.


People belong to this element are not flexible and rigid. Have strong feelings, hardworking, and they'll pursue their dreams with less hesitation. They will do whatever they can, great effort and determination to reach the success they've always wanted, highly ambitious.

On my perception, Earth does everything to achieve their goals. They push themselves and exceed their limits. A strong personality, yet it's close to Wood as a workaholic. With their great determination, they're always close to success.


Wisdom and intuition are the main quality of people belonging to Water element. Great thinkers, philosopher and imaginative. They're good at communicating and they have the capability to persuade people to get what they want. Another, they're also have the ability to make people want desire what they themselves desire. Water tend to be multi-talented.

On my perception, Water tend to be able to multi-task. Their ability to communicate includes the ability to speak in front of public and persuade them with their ability to use words. Their imagination let them see beyond the world everyone else sees, making their way of thinking quite complicated.


The last but not the least, Wood. Workaholic, they're diligent and love to be busy, they'll try to do many things just to keep them busy. Productive, cooperative, they adapt easily to their profession. They also indulge in wasteful expenditure.

On my perception, Wood have the capability of earning, but they have their weakness to spend their earnings rashly. They can adapt easily to new surroundings and won't be bothered by it. Wood is a type of person who can't do nothing and must do something.

That's all for now, thanks for reading :)



February 16, 2011


I love Westlife more than you do, and less than my sister does (this is a real talk). So, I'm going to talk bout Westlife now. Oh, beforehand, go follow @Westlife_Quotes on Twitter (, it belongs to my sister. So, here I go.
 (from left to right: Mark Feehily, Kian Egan, Nicky Byrne, Shane Filan)

An Irish boy band, formed on July 3rd, 1998. Westlife used to have 5 members, before Bryan McFadden decided to take solo career path on 2004. They were originally signed by Simon Cowell and are currently managed by Louis Walsh.

(left to right: Bryan McFadden, Nicky Byrne, Mark Feehily, Shane Filan, Kian Egan)

Successfully created 11 albums till now, Westlife has become well-known worldwide with millions of fans from all over the globe. 

They garnered 14 number one singles in the United Kingdom, the third-highest in UK history, tying with Cliff Richard and trailing behind only Elvis Presley and The Beatles. The group has also broken a few top records, including "Music artist with most consecutive number 1's in the UK". It was officially announced by the Official Charts Company that they are the "2nd biggest selling artist" (trailing behind Robbie Williams) and "Biggest selling band of the decade" (beating Coldplay) in UK with 11 million album sales.

Yeah, how cool is that! They're also named as the fourth most hard-working music artist in UK by PRS in 2010.


Nicky Byrne

Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne, was born in Dublin, October 9th, 1978, the oldest member of Westlife. He used to be a professional football player, and also wrote some of Westlife's songs. Byrne is also currently one of the board of directors of Clikthrough, a video interactive site.

Byrne presented several editions of the Celebrity Sunday programme on RTÉ 2fm in 2010. Listeners tuned in from as far and wide as Mexico, Chile, England, Scotland, Philippines and Indonesia. The fourth and final edition of the programme, broadcast on February 14, 2010, was a top-ten international trend on Twitter.

He was married to Georgina Ahern, on 5 August 2003, and Georgina gave birth to fraternal twin sons, named Jay and Rocco, on 20 April 2007. 

Shane Filan

Shane Steven Filan was born on July 5th, 1979, and grew up in Sligo, Ireland. One of the lead vocal of Westlife, he went to the same school with the other two members, Kian Egan and Mark Feehily, and got into a band called I.O.U. He co-write few songs for Westlife.

In the week beginning 26 April 2010, an unreleased solo song by Filan called "Beautiful In White" leaked onto the Internet, but it was credited as being recorded by Shayne Ward instead of Filan. He also participated and won with a team on Soccer Aid 2010.

Married to Gillian on Sunday December 28, 2003 and was gifted with 3 children; Nicole Rose (23 July 2005), Patrick Michael (September 15, 2008) and Shane Peter Filan (22 January 2010).

Kian Egan

Kian John Francis Egan, was born in Sligo, Ireland, on April 29th, 1980. A singer and a song writer, Kian is also gifted with talents in playing musical instruments, such as Drums, Piano and Guitar. Egan has 3 brothers and 3 sisters, he's the 5th of the 7.

Egan married the actress and singer, Jodi Albert, on 8 May 2009. Ironically, his dad failed to attend his wedding, as being diagnosed with brain tumor and died not long after.

Mark Feehily

Markus Michael Patrick Feehily, born 28 May 1980 in Sligo, Ireland. Lead vocal of Westlife. Beside becoming the co-writer, Feehily also sung completely solo on some Westlife songs.

The youngest of Westlife, yet the oldest brother for his two little brothers. He admitted that he's in a relationship with Kevin McDaid, since January 2005. Mark and Kevin got engaged on 28 January 2010 and Feehily confirmed the news via Twitter.


Bryan Mcfadden

Bryan Nicholas Mcfadden, born in Dublin, Ireland, on April 12th, 1980. Ex-member of Westlife, he used to be one of the lead vocal. He put his interest in singing, dancing and football, and has the ability to play Piano and Guitar. He is now a judge on Australia's Got Talent.

After departed from Westlife in 2004, he created a solo album "Irish Son" and got on some charts, along with his second solo album "Set in Stone" in 2008, and on 2010, Mcfadden released a single "Just Say So", featuring American rapper Kevin Rudolf.

McFadden married former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona on 5 January 2002 and have two daughters: Molly Marie McFadden (born 31 August 2001) and Lilly-Sue McFadden (born 3 February 2003). They divorced in December 2006. McFadden began dating Australian singer and actress Delta Goodrem and on 29 November 2007, McFadden announced his engagement to Goodrem.

 Westlife (1999)

Coast to Coast (2000)

 World of Our Own (2001)

Unbreakable – The Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (2002) 

 Turnaround (2003)

 Allow Us to be Frank (2004)

 Face to Face (2005)

 The Love Album (2006)

 Back Home (2007)

Where We Are (2009)

Gravity (2010) 

Visit Westlife's official website:

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February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day Preparation

So, yeah, Valentine's coming, I'm trying to help you guys get prepared. Some simple Chocolate Fudge, or just cards, I compiled it here for you! Enjoy!

Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipes

Grease and line with non-stick baking paper either a 20cm x 20cm (8” x 8”) cake pan or a 25cm x 10cm (10” x 4”) bar tin.

Make sure you take the paper up above the top of the bar tin – this will help you pull it out of the bar tin when the chocolate fudge has set.

500g milk chocolate or dark chocolate, chopped
1 can of condensed milk – approximately 400g
30g unsalted butter, chopped

1. Place all the ingredients in a medium sized microwave safe bowl.
2. Microwave on high for 30 seconds. Remove and stir well.
3. Return and microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and stir well.
4. Return and microwave for 30 seconds. Remove and stir well until completely blended.
5. This is the point at which you add any nuts or flavourings. Keep reading for suggestions.
6. Quickly transfer the chocolate fudge to your cake pan that has been lined with baking paper. Press down to give a level top.
7. Set in the fridge for two hours.
8. Remove and slice as you like. The fudge does need to be kept in cool conditions.

If you want to make fudge with nuts then all you need to do is stir through 1 cup of chopped nuts just before pressing into the cake pan. You can also press extra chopped nuts into the top of the fudge before placing into the fridge – this looks great and lets everyone instantly know what type of chocolate fudge they are about to enjoy.

In the photos you can see milk chocolate fudge with walnuts and dark chocolate fudge with macadamias. You can use what ever nuts are your favorite.

Other ideas include adding peppermint oil to a dark chocolate fudge recipe. Start with 1-2 teaspoons and stir through. The quickest way to discover other fudge flavors is to head to my chocolate truffle flavors page. Here I show you ideas for chili, orange, fig, cherry, hazelnut and many, many more. All these ideas can be applied to this chocolate fudge recipe.

If you make the fudge in the 20cm x 20cm cake pan this makes the perfect thickness for cutting out shapes. You could press out chocolate fudge hearts for your valentine and you then get to eat all the left-over bits!

Oh! and if you have found this recipe because you are looking for ideas for this chocolate valentines then guess what? I have put a growing collection of recipes together just for you! Valentine Day Chocolate Recipes click here.

And here, I'll put some pictures of handmade Valentine's cards. Maybe you can get some idea. Take a look.

Guess that's for now. Thanks for reading! Have a great Valentine!



January 26, 2011

Another Crop Circle Found!

As I told you before, a crop circle was found in Sleman, Yogyakarta. Just about 5km from Sleman, another crop circle, with the same shape, but with smaller diameter (50m), was found in Bantul, Yogyakarta.

It was discovered on Tuesday (25/01/10), by local farmers. At first, they thought they paddy just fell down, as usual, but then, they realized that the pattern was unusual.

Well, yeah, there's already an explanation for Sleman's crop circle. After being investigated, they found several clues, which lead them to the conclusion that Sleman's crop circle was made by human. They found a hole with diameter about 5cm and depth about 25cm in the middle of the circles, and found some clues as to human presence (some of the paddy seemed to be stepped on, and put back on their original position). Another, the shapes seemed not to be in a very symmetric manners, and in a kind of mess.

Suggested by the investigator team, that this crop circle was made by people who has great interests and knowledge in Mathematics and Physics. So, as both Sleman's and Bantul's crop circles have the same geometrical pattern, means that both of them must be made by the same group of people. Now, polices are after the suspects.

Somehow, the mystery lies in, how many people are there to make these patterns in less than 1 night only? How fast can they go? Some still believe that this crop circle was made by UFO, and will that be the perfect explanation for this phenomena? Well, we'll see!

Thanks for reading :)

Some New, I watched on TV, and memorized it, and typed it.


January 25, 2011

Crop Circles = UFO?

Another 'Crop Circle' was being discovered, and this time, its in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. How cool is that! So, I'll write bout this phenomenon now. Enjoy.
A local farmer, Tukiman, discovered this crop circles, last Sunday (23/01/2010) at 6 a.m. Well, yeah, no one knows where this crop circles really come from. Some of them believe that this crop circles were made as an UFO landed on this particular area. Some of them believe that some artists made it up. Well, some news just interviewed Yogyakarta's artists, and some of them really believe that this crop circles look like a type of art, land art, they said, in which they use natural materials from the environment. But as to speak, they themselves can't make such a great art, in 2 hours (as estimated, from 21.00 - 23.00, as the owner of the farm heard some kind of weird plane sound during those hours). Wonder how big it is? Its 70m in diameter.

So, what is crop circle, really?

The most famous explanation for crop circle is the presence of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). Many people really believe that UFO landed on their farm (or simply carving these marks, not really clear in some ways), leaving this crop circles behind. Cause, how can such a huge art made only for several hours, even for some several seconds!

Some people believe that its the work of art. Artists try to make the land as their canvas. The most widely known method for a person or group to construct a crop formation is to tie one end of a rope to an anchor point, and the other end to a board which is used to crush the plants. More recent methods include the use of a lawn roller. Some of business also see it as a method of advertising.

Well, some of the pranksters also love to make crop circles, just to make the world amazed and stunned by their pranks, or so. But also, there's a myth about a farmer who was greedy enough that he didn't want to pay mower, and swore that he preferred a demon to do the work. And the next morning, he saw his farm had been harvested, but in some weird manners. Take a look at this picture, the 'Mowing Devil'.

Well yeah, extreme weather may be one of the cause too, such as spinning winds, small whirlwinds or tornadoes caused the crop circles by its sudden swirling pressure.

Crop circles had been phenomenal since a long time back, even before the invention of camera. In modern times, crop circles were often seen during the 20th century, around 1960s - 1990s. This phenomena occurs all over the world, in the USA from 1920, in Europe from the mid 20th century and in Africa, Canada, Australia, Central & Southern America, Russia in 1970, and Japan in the late 70’s, though 90% of those were located in southern England.

That's all for now, thanks for reading :)



January 24, 2011

Rain (정지훈)

Got this topic from a friend, so, thanks to @ronald_cassidy for giving me this idea. Rain, a Korean guy with great talents. I love him the most, he's the first Korean guy I fell for. Hope you enjoy reading bout my dearest Rain.

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) was born on June 25, 1982 in Seoul, South Korea. A singer, dancer, actor, model, businessman and designer, how cool is that! With height of 185 cm, weighing 74 kg, his body is always in a great shape (since the first time I saw him back then around 2004, but I guess his body has been like that since he started his career).

With the stage name Bi (which means Rain in Korean), he's now an International actor, known throughout the world. Wanna know bout his background? Ok, here it is.

Oh, that's Rain and his family. So, Rain spent his childhood with his parents and his little sister, Jeong Hanna.

He love dancing since he was a kid. But his had a hard time balancing between his dancing career and his school lessons, as a result, he got low grades during the beginning of his junior high. He attended Anyang High School of Arts in Anyang, Gyeonggi, to pursue his dreams. There, he studied acting, which again, couldn't focus on both acting and dancing.

Rain's mother died on 2000 because of diabetes, and on the same year, Rain was recruited by Park Jin Young, as a recording artist, and producer of JYP Entertainment. He was being rejected many times in auditions because of his looks, though no one doubt his talents.

Rain's Discography:

Bad Guy (2002)

  How to Avoid the Sun (2003)

It's Raining (2004)

 Rain's World (2006)

 Eternal Rain - Japan (2006)

Rainism (2008)

  Back to the Basic (2010)

Rain's Filmography:

I'm a Cyborg, but That's Ok (2006)

Speed Racer (2008)

Ninja Assasin (2009) 

Rain's Television Series:

Sang Doo, Let's Go to School (2003)

Full House (2004)

A Love to Kill (2005)

The Fugitive: Plan B (2010)

And yeah, Rain got a lot of awards! One of 'em is:

 MTV Movie Awards: Biggest Badass Star

And much much much more! Visit his official website:

Thanks for reading :)